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Beating The Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Breast cancer is something that can happen when you are so busy with many different things that you don't realize it until it's sometimes too late. Some people will feel no pain at all, which is sad because most breast cancer will have no pain and nothing showing until it is already too late. Never think that you can't get breast cancer, for anyone can get it, no matter your age or genetics, although that may play a part in it. For your own peace of mind it is better to get checked, then not to and then find out that you have breast cancer and that it has spread. To discover and talk with someone who has successfully fought breast cancer all their lives, and are still surviving it is very heartening - whether it is someone you, yourself, or someone you know - the fight gives tremendous strength in times when making through it seems impossible.

This strength will hold you up when people ridicule you, or mock at you for taking the cancer so seriously. There are people who can not even think of handling something as gruesome as cancer, and it's only natural. And not everyone you meet will sympathize with you, or share your grief, and if they did, only tears and mourning would prevail in the world. You will have to stand up alone, gather the courage to talk with doctors and know all there is to be known about the progress of your treatment. You have just one body, and you should do all you can to not let it go. You can survive anything you put your mind to, and breast cancer is defiantly one of them as to all the people who have survived it can attest to.

It is ok to feel scared, everyone gets scared sometimes, the trick is not to bottle it up. If you have breast cancer, you are already sick, and bottling up fear or sadness will only increase the amount of stress your body is having. No one will fault you for being sad some days or wanting to vent your frustrations or fear, which is a part of healing and it actually does help. Do not think of your disease. Forget that you are ill.

It is matters of your life, yes, therefore live every second of it, even if you're physically ill. Revert all your energies to things you love, to things that make you happy, cultivate your gardening or reading or fashion designing hobby, be with friends you love to be, and those who make you laugh. You will discover your disease not governing you anymore, and your well-wishers will always be there to ensure your cancer gets treated, and you get healed.

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