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Chews for Health

Do you chew your food or swallow it whole? Many people believe that they chew their food thoroughly, but actually may not. Think about your chewing habits next time you enjoy a meal. You are enjoying your food, right? Or is it just another chore you are working through quickly? It's recommended that you chew your food twenty to thirty times or more. There are many reasons including breaking your food down in size, adding saliva and the initial digestion process.

Yes digestion does indeed begin in the mouth. If you chew your food properly then your stomach will not have to work as hard. Chewing also helps you believe that you are eating more. So slow down a bit and lose weight as you help yourself become healthier.

Incomplete digestion can cause health problems such as bacterial overgrowth, excess gas, and an upset stomach. Actually the chewing process triggers the rest of the digesting by signaling to your gastrointestinal system, "We have food. It's time to go to work". So don't shock your system.

Chew for health's sake. It may sound silly to sit there and actually count the bites as you eat. Just become aware of your eating habits, slow down and enjoy your food. You will sense the right chewing habit for you.

Just think about this as you eat until it's a habit. Once you slow down and really chew your food you will actually taste it, enjoy it, and benefit from it. Your body will absorb the nutrients from food easier. Saliva contains an enzyme, lysozyme, which supports our immune system. This will help protect against bad bacteria. Chewing food thoroughly will improve your alkaline balance, which can prevent illness.

Top quality supplements are a form of food. We don't usually chew these but instead take them with a meal so that they digest better. There are some supplements coming out now that you can chew.

The people that make these realize that it's a better delivery system and is more like nature intended. So chewing your food will let you feel satisfied with less food while enjoying it more and will keep you healthy also. You may find that you can even think clearer than you did before. Now that's a nice bonus.

When you sit down at your next meal remember that you can enjoy it more while eating less, and nobody is grabbing it from your plate, so relax. So slow down when you eat for a healthier you, and actually taste your food when you eat. "Chew for health" is your new motto.

Chews 4 Health

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