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Dealing with Depression

Depression, also clinically known as major depressive disorder, affects millions of people around the world but most do not understand that depression is a very real disease. People that have never suffered with depression understand very little about this disease and feel that a person with it should 'get on with their life and get over the depression'. They believe that depression sufferers can get rid of their depression by using their willpower. People that are close to, or live with those with depression, are often frustrated and annoyed by this and "snap out of it" hear this far too often.

Most people, uneducated when it comes to depression, have no idea that they have all the signs and are themselves depressed and reaching severe levels. Understanding about depression will make you appreciate what a person goes through who suffers from it. What is Depression? Along with other elements, it is an imbalance of the brain chemicals, medically speaking. Primarily treated with medication, major depressive disorder is recognized by the medical community as a disease.

Some doctors treat their patients with medication and therapy and for some patients; psychotherapy along with medication is very helpful. Many people fight depression their entire lives and need monitoring to minimize or eliminate reoccurrences of this debilitating disease. Avoiding stressful situations and strictly following the doctor's instructions is paramount.

Symptoms of Depression The most common symptom of depression is sadness and low mood levels. Others that some people suffer from are: - Irritability - Physical reactions become slow - Not enjoying activities or interests that you liked before - Reasoning is slower - Looking on the dark side or expecting the worse ? pessimism - Sex life decreases or lack of interest - Anger or rages Mild depression may not cause many problems in some peoples lives and be an annoyance more than anything else. This could turn into severe depression and people suffering from this can become completely debilitated by the disease. With moderate to severe depression, there is more chance of suicide. Depression can strike any age group from young to the elderly. If a teenager that liked school and did well suddenly lacks interest, withdraws from family and friends and has mood swings, he/she could be displaying signs of depression.

Types of Depression Some subtypes of depression are: Mono-polar Depression ? There are symptoms of depression. Dysthymic disorder is men and a woman with a mild case of mono-polar disorder that does not touch their social activities or work abilities. Bipolar disorder or Manic Depressive Disease ? The manic phase causes a person to sleep and concentrate poorly.

The depressive phase cause abnormal elevated moods and impractical optimism. Physical Symptom Depression ? Can cause urination difficulties, digestive problems among other things.

Depression is no joke. Learn more about Depression and other health issues at Depression - The Healthy Portal

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