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Finding It Hard To Lose Weight Here Are The Best Weight Loss Tips

Doesnt it feel like wherever you go, there are always those skinny people who seem to be either completely blessed or just know something you dont? They eat everything and anything they want but still look great, no weight gain or anything without even having to work at it. Instead, you work your butt off!

Watch what you eat, workout for hours on end and still, you either dont lose the weight, or worse, you continue to gain weight! Wouldnt you want to look and feel the way those skinny people do? Wouldnt you want to be able to strut around with a perfect, lean and sexy body?

I can already tell that your answer is a loud YES! Read on to find the best kept secrets to healthy weight loss:

1. Plan - you should always plan your weeks out with your meals and exercise. It doesnt have to be extremely detailed. Just make sure you set aside time for both. It will help you greatly when it comes time to do them during the week.

2. Exercise - working out is so important to fat and weight loss! But ignore what those experts say. You do NOT need to workout for 1 hour each day, 5 days a week.

The key to working out is to make sure you are pushing your body and increasing your heart rate. That might mean jogging on the treadmill for 15 minutes, 3 days a week or weight lifting for 30 minutes, 4 days a week. The goal is to break a sweat by increasing your heart rate.

3. Eat more small meals more often - yes, eat more often but make them small meals. When you are working out, your body will need more nutrients to sustain the extra work.

Eating small meals 4-6 times a day will help build your metabolism and curb your cravings. But make sure the foods you eat are high in nutrients!

4. Cut yourself some slack - the occasional not-that-great-for-you snack is okay but make sure it is a rare occasion.

Its important to allow yourself a little room in your workout/nutrition routine because it keeps you away from caving in to your cravings completely. But, again, make sure your occasional snacks are very occasional.


Stick to it - your workouts and great eating habits should be daily things, to the point where it is deeply part of your life. But if on the occasional day or holiday, you forget about the gym, dont stress. Get back to everything next time through. Its important to keep your goals and plan in mind always because you will see those results you want even sooner and it will be easier to stay focused.

6. Water is your friend - keep yourself hydrated! During and after your workouts, make sure to drink lots of water. Make sure to drink lots of water throughout a regular day. Water is a great filter for your body because it whisks away the toxins in your body. It is a crucial part of healthy eating habits.

Now you know the secrets to weight loss.

Pretty simple, right? Make sure to stick to your goals and keep your end result in sight. Pretty soon, youll be able to strut around just like those skinny people who also know the secret to fat loss!


About the Author (text)James Wong lost over 40lbs. just by using The Secret 2 Fat Loss. You too could lose weight as easily as he did. Find out how burn fat and lose weight at

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