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Four Reasons Fat Loss Idiots Beats the Atkins Diet Hands Down

The Atkins diet is still a popular diet, even though its been shown time and time again to be unhealthy in several different ways. Here are four reasons why Fat Loss 4 Idiots is better.

Fat Loss for Idiots is easier on your heart. A study was recently done--and presented at the annual American Heart Association meeting--about the effect of three different diets on heart health. (The other two were South Beach and the Ornish diet).

Lead researcher Michael Miller of U Maryland Med Center, stated, It really is Atkins thats the worst. Anyone who has been on the Adkins diet feels thier body craving other types of food. The urge most participants say they crave is bread. Carbs are part of a diet plan that needs to be addresses.

It was found to contribute to the likelihood of heart troubles in several ways, not the least of which was raising cholesterol. And if youll just Google Atkins heart (you dont even have to add the word problems to your searched but of course you can youll have no problem finding results for heart attacks, blockages, and other problems.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots gives you a wider variety of foods. Bacon burger with lettuce and no bun. Expensive breads, wraps, and other carb substitutes that taste like cardboard. A great big steaming pile of sausage with a little bit of mustard on top.

Sound appetizing? Just call it Atkins Fine Dining. Wouldnt you rather try a diet that lets you eat a variety of foods? Me too.

Fat Loss for Idiots helps you learn healthy eating habits, so you can keep weight off once its lost. None of this protein crash for several weeks or months, and then going back to the old eating habits that got you into trouble in the first place. The fat loss diet helps you get into healthy and satisfying eating patterns.

You get to eat carbs! If youve tried any low-carb diet before, then you know exactly what Im talking about.

If you havent, then trust me--you dont want to find out! Yoy will look at bread like it is chocolate. I have seen peple react in different ways but they all have severe craving for carbs. I would advise you to stay away from diets that allow no carbs or small amount of carbs.

you can do damage to your body. I would recommend you talk to your Dr. before you start any diet. Your body reacts in different ways especially if you are taking any kind of medication.


About the Author (text)Michael Crockett has review sites that compares different diets and gives the benefits and drawback of each diet plan.

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