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Got Acne Scars Tired Of Hiding Your Face Try These Acne Cure Solutions

The development of acne and the scars left by it even after the condition ceases are both equally awkward. The worst part of acne is that if occurs on the face which is the most visible part of the body. These can be a major cause of embarrassment and depression especially if one values one's appearance and looks. One might just get tired of hiding one's acned or acne-scarred face.

Trying out some common acne cure solutions may help check the inflammatory condition and also provide some cosmetic cure from the characteristic acne scars. For scarring, cystic acne an aggressive conventional treatment using the drug Isotretinoin is recommended. This is, however, not to be used in case of pregnant women.

Administration of antibiotics is usually recommended by physicians to cure acne. However, these are to be used in accompaniment with probiotics. The probiotics work towards restoring the useful bacteria which may be destroyed by the antibiotics while getting rid of the harmful bacteria. Topical medicines like Azelic acid or Benzoyl peroxide can be applied to heal up acne externally and eliminate marks. Alternatively, the natural solutions- safe, non-irritating options promise to at least diminish (if not completely remove) the scars blackheads etc. associated with acne.

Formulations containing herbal extracts- creams, lotions, face-packs etc. are available which usually aim at controlling excessive oiliness and making the complexion smooth while getting rid of blemishes and marks (scars). Natural exfoliating masks may be used which will remove the blockages of the pores in the skin and control oiliness and acne. These also help tighten up the skin and remove the acne marks. The household remedies like dabbing of lemon juice or juice of some other suitable fruit like cucumber tomato, avocado, apricot etc.

with the help of cotton wool pads or as a mask on the affected area of the face will lighten out acne scars. This however, needs to be done regularly for some weeks. These will have the effects of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing of the skin while removing scars in the process. The scars may be deep and quite stubborn too.

In such case dermatological procedures are to be chosen. Laser resurfacing has come up in recent times which can help provide quick reduction in the number of acne spots. This is no 'acne cure' though. However, its effects last up to 3 months. This is safe and does not require long term antibiotic therapy. Small scars can be treated with dermabrasion involving abrasion of the top layers of the skin.

Collagen injections may also be used for this purpose. For removing deep scars punch grafts or chemical peels are the best options.

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