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Gynecomastia How To Lose Man Breast Without Surgery

Are you suffering from gynecomastia? Gynecomastia or commonly know as "man breast" came from a Greek phrase meaning "women-like breast". Many males, young and old will at one time or other be afflicted with this male breast syndrome. Yes, gynecomastia is actually quite common and it is thought that 30-50 percent of males would have experienced this condition. It may affect only one breast or both. Men with gynecomastia can feel a button like growth under the nipple area. Fortunately, most male will lose their man breast naturally.

Why? This is because young boys, until they hit puberty will have a small amount of breast tissue under the nipple or the areola area. Upon puberty male, hormones produced by the testicles prevent further growth of breast tissue. Unfortunately for some men, the man breast condition remains and continues into adulthood or if it occurs when the male is already an adult, it is also due to hormone inbalances.

Other causes of gynecomastia can be due to over production of estrogens (female hormones) through liver diseases and obesity which can alter the testosterone and estrogen balance in the body. Similarly, men who smoke marijuana or consume alcohol regularly may also develop gynecomastia. Because of these breast tissues in men, men too can develop breast cancer. This came as a surprise isn't it? That is why when men developed breast cancers, it will usually be at the advanced stage because men simply don't check themselves for breast cancer as this is a predominantly female disease. Some commonly prescribed medicines can sometimes cause gynecomastia, too. Some of these medications are for treatment of ulcers, heartburn, heart diseases and high blood pressure.

If you have gynecomastia and are taking these medications, do check with your doctors whether your conditions are caused by the medications and if so, see if there are any alternative medicines that will not cause gynecomastia. There are surgical procedures that can correct gynecomastia satisfactorily. However, if you do not wish to be put under the knife of a surgeon, you can take simple steps to reduce men's breast or even cure gynecomastia completely. ?Take natural health supplement - Supplements which can help boost your body's natural production of male hormones (testosterone) such as Tribulus. Avoid all forms of steroids unless medically prescribed by your doctor.

?Chest (Pectoral) muscle exercises - Exercise your chest muscles so that your strong muscles will pull up and tone your chest so it won't look droopy or saggy like female breasts. The target exercise area is the upper chest which can be exercised with various types incline presses. ?Weight loss program - Go lose some weight. With less body fat, your male breast will look less obvious. Further more, if your weight loss program includes weight lifting, it will cause your body to produce more testosterone and in turn suppresses the creation of estrogen. ?Avoid alcohol and marijuana - Both substances are known to increase production of estrogens.

They are bad for your health anyway. After a while, when you are getting results from the steps mentioned above, you may happily realize that your male breast condition may have improve so much that you may not need surgery to correct your gynecomastia after all.

Chris Chew is a personal trainer of actors, pageant winners, models and celebs. Read more of his free articles at Lose Fat Tone Muscles Tips and FreeFitness Tips

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