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Lower Blood Pressure

Lower Your Blood Pressure, by Barry Shore After researching literally thousands of information sources I discovered that blood pressure is simply the amount of pressure (like pounds per square inch) it takes for the heart to push blood through your blood vessels into your body, and how much pressure it takes to suck it back. Systolic being the first and diastolic being the second. Researchers say that 120 (systolic) / (over) 80 (diastolic) is "normal". However, I have found that this varies between age groups, occupations, sexes and races.

In my opinion, if your blood pressure is between 110 to 135 systolic and 55 to 85 diastolic, you are healthy. These readings would be when you are resting, not in the middle of any vigorous exercise or under any extreme distress. Believing the above I theorized that getting blood vessels to be more flexible and getting the heart to be more relaxed should lower blood pressure. Investigating further I found devices being marketed that already worked on these theories. ZonaPLUStm produces a device that exercises the blood vessels through handgrip squeezing.

RESPeRATEtm makes a device to aid in slow breathing exercises to relax the heart. Scientific research shows that both these devices play a role in lowering blood pressure. Then I contemplated combining both these exercises, squeezing and breathing, into one program. After months of additional research and testing BPDown (www.bpdown.

us) was born. Not only does BPDown combine both squeezing and breathing exercises into one program, but unlike the $300 price tags of other programs, BPDown costs only $49 including shipping. The BPDown kit provides, 2 squeeze apparatus (tension balls) tested and calibrated to provide appropriate tension for a good grip squeezing exercise designed to improve blood flow, a CD with audio instructions to squeeze correctly and slow down breathing for relaxation, an instruction booklet with directions on how to squeeze and breath properly with a method to practice these techniques anywhere, as well as record sheets and a pen to keep track of your progress. I'm 69 years old and I've used BPDown for several months.

My blood pressure was lowered from 180/90 to 125/75 in just a few weeks. I saw improvement immediately after just one use. Initially I used the BPDown program practically everyday, but now I use it only every other day and my low blood pressure is being maintained.

I carry the tension ball devices with me everywhere. So if I'm in a movie theater, early for an appointment, or watching TV, I just take out the devices and do the exercises. I found that not only has my blood pressure gone down, but my grip, wrists and forearms are stronger and I feel generally much better.

Walking up and down stairs, and bending to pick up stuff are less effort. Even sleeping is better. I don't know if BPDown ( will work equally well for everybody, but the price is so low and the other benefits so broad that I think everybody who might benefit from it should give it a try.

Here are the references for my article: Do you want to lower your blood pressure fast - No Meds?

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