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Over The Counter Cures For Acne

There are tons of cures for acne on the market. A quick trip to your local drug store or discount store will result in aisles packed with lotions, washes, creams, and potions that will work to rid your face of embarrassing blemishes and ensure you body's largest organ is healthy and gorgeous. Many individuals are hesitant to try these over the counter cures for acne, since they feel the best results must come with prescription medications. This could not be further from the truth, since many over the counter items feature the same medications as prescriptions, only in a weaker form.

Often, individuals with super sensitive skin or with mild cases of skin problems find prescription medications are too powerful and do more harm than good. If you are tackling a problem with skin blemishes, pay a visit to a dermatologist. He or she will be able to suggest several cures for acne, many of which are available without the need for a prescription. Skin blemishes are easily controllable and should not be allowed to rule your life. Most adolescents and teens experience problems with acne sometime or another in their lives and the physical marks can be emotionally painful and wreck a person's self esteem. Instead of waiting for the problem to clear up on its own, check out any of the fantastic acne products that can be found everywhere you look! From old standbys like Noxema, which has been around for ages to the newest addition to acne fighters, ProActiv Solution, there are a ton of options that are sure to fit your specific issues and skin type.

Acne fighting products should be used for at least four weeks before you expect to see your skin's blemishes disappear. This is not an overnight process and your skin needs to be worked back into health before you can enjoy the benefits of clear skin. Many adolescents do not give the items enough time to work and their skin suffers from bouncing between a variety of different over the counter treatments. Take time to treat your skin and stick to a treatment plan. This way, your skin will be fresh and new without any embarrassing blemishes!.

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