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The Truth About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer happens when cells in the breast or a tumor, grow out of control and damages nearby tissue. In women, the most common and fatal type of cancer is breast cancer. Detection There are often no symptoms in the early stages. Women should be aware of the screening recommendations and follow them. There are varieties of symptoms that may appear as the tumor grows such as: - The breast changing in size or shape - Breast skin becomes pitted or ridged - Thickening or lump in the underarm or breast - Discharge from nipple or the nipple turns inward - Skin on the breast becomes red or scales If you have any of these symptoms, have yourself examined by a medical professional.

This does not mean you have cancer but you defiantly want to have this checked. Before the age of twenty, is very rare to get it and not often diagnosed in women less than twenty-five years old. The chances of contacting climbs steadily after 25 and peaks around menopause age in women.

It increases less after menopause but as they age, the risk to older women gradually increases. Risk Factors Nobody really knows what causes this cancer. Some of the elements that are thought to increase the risk are: Gender: There are more cases of women than men Weight: Overweight women are at higher risk Age: From 25 to menopause, the chances increases. Children: If a woman has not had a child, or had a child after 30 Family History: Women that have a family member that have or had it are at risk. Male Breast Cancer Yes, it really does happen.

It is certainly not as common as in women but approximately one to 1.5% happens to men. Older men most often diagnosed with it and are between sixty and seventy years old. If a man has had previous exposure to radiation, such as for cancer treatment, their risk increases. Approximately 20% of men with a mother, sister or other close female relatives with breast cancer are certainly at higher risk.

Some of the symptoms in men includes swelling or a breast lump, retracted nipple or discharge and scaling or redness of the breast skin or nipple. Statistics The statistics are frightening. Each and ever year, over 182,000 women and 16,000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. Over 400 men and 43,300 women will die from this terrible disease. During their lifetime, one woman out of eight has or will get breast cancer. Most people have family or friends that have or had breast cancer.

Always give them your support and encouragement.

Learn more about Breast Cancer and other Health-related issues at Breast Cancer and Health

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