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Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a very common problem. There are several treatment methods used to treat hemorrhoids. Depending on the degree of hemorrhoids they can be treated at home or under the supervision of a medical professional. In the most severe cases of hemorrhoids a surgery may be required. Here are a few types of treatments used to treat hemorrhoids at home and in a medical setting.

Minor cases of hemorrhoids can be treated at home. No matter what type of hemorrhoids you have the key to help fix hemorrhoids and prevent their return is to establish a healthy bowel. By changing diet and preventing constipation you can reverse the hemorrhoids and prevent their return. While you have a case of flared hemorrhoids you should avoid taking any aspirin or NSAIDs. This type of pain medication can thin the blood and make the hemorrhoids bleed more.

It is important to keep the area clean and dry. This will promote a healthy healing environment. To treat pain you can apply ice and warm towels several times a day. You should also use sitz bath to help the hemorrhoids shrink and heal. To prevent irritation wipe anal area with wet clothes or wipes.

You can also use Tucks pads to clean area after bowel movements. Use soaps that do not contain perfumes or dyes. Diet is a very important part of hemorrhoids treatments. You should increase your fiber and drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. It is important to prevent constipation. You can also take stool softener if constipation does occur.

You should also not take laxatives. Laxatives can cause diarrhea, which can cause irritation to the hemorrhoids. Increase exercise can also help stimulate a healthy bowel.

Be sure to go to the bathroom when the urges arises and go to the bathroom regularly. If your hemorrhoids become more serious you will need to consult a medical professional for treatment. Hemorrhoids treatment can also include all that is suggested as an at home treatment but also include medication that your medical doctor can prescribe. Before any medication or ointment is used a medical professional should be consulted. Ointments and medicines to numb the area can be very beneficial to help the hemorrhoids treatment. Zinc oxide and petroleum jelly can create a barrier and reduce itching and irritation.

The use of suppositories can help lubricate the anal canal and easy the bowel movements. They can also contain a numbing agent to help reduce pain. The goal is to reduce the inflammation of the hemorrhoids and heal the hemorrhoids. Successful hemorrhoids treatment can be easily treat. More serious hemorrhoids may require a more advance treatment. Hemorrhoid treatment of serious cases sometimes requires surgery to correct the hemorrhoids and prevent their return.

Surgery on hemorrhoids is generally used only on large internal hemorrhoids that persist even after other treatments have failed. Surgery will correct the problem and with a proper diet and exercise future hemorrhoids can be prevented. It is very important to treat and prevent hemorrhoids before they become a severe problem. By changing diet and exercise, you can greatly reduce you chance of having the return of hemorrhoids in the future.

Increase fluids and fiber will allow the bowels to pass stool more easily.

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