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Two simple ways to raise Testosterone production

Body lifestyle change is very important for example if you are getting a bad amount of sleep , chances are your testosterone levels could fall a whopping 40%. There are different factors that can raise or lower your testosterone production. * Don't drink liquids 2 to 3 hours before bed. * Keep your bedroom at a moderately cool temperature. * Keep pressure on your bladder minimal when you sleep. Wear looser pants, don't sleep on your stomache.

* Make sure you use the restroom before you sleep. * Don't sit down for long periods , get up to stretch and walk around. Sex can also increase testosterone production. It suggested to have sex once a week but not excessively. When looking at testosterone levels , it is important to see what kind of diet you have. Are you getting enough nutrients for your body to produce testosterone and build muscle? * Get enough zinc in your diet.

* Eat foods with healthy fat content (such as nuts , fish , avocado , flax seed). * Don't drink alcohol excessively. * Quit smoking. * Eat vegetables with indole-3-carbinol (such as broccoli , cauliflower , asparagus) Get enough protein as you will need protein to build muscle tissue. With proper diet combined with weighted intensity exercises , you will build muscle mass and burn fat while keeping your testosterone levels at a high peak.

David is the owner of Testosterone Lab. You can find more information about raising testosterone at

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