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Weight Loss Products Proceed With Caution

Selling Weight Loss Products in this country is a billion dollar business. The figure hovers around $35 billion per year. That's right; it's the "B" word translating to Big Bucks spent by us on Weight Loss Products annually. What does it all mean? First, we're obviously over-feeding ourselves and second, we're obviously over-feeding the Weight Loss Product Industry.

Over 60% of our population is overweight and a great percentage of them are seeking a "quick-fix" resolution. That, of course, is why the "Slimming Down" Industry is flourishing. I don't want to tell you that most Weight Loss Products don't work - and that many are dangerous to your health. But I will! If you are going in that direction - do your homework.

Start with this: Do your homework. There's a long list of causes to overeating which includes stress, boredom, depression, pleasure, certain medications, eating disorders - and the list goes on. We live in a society of fast foods and quick fixes. If you are so inclined to engage in using a Weight Loss Product, Proceed with Caution! Research the choices thoroughly. For example, Ephedra is a popular Weight Loss Product being pushed into the market place. It's a stimulant used to increase the body's metabolism to burn fat and curb the user's appetite.

Do people lose weight as a result? Yes. However, studies have shown that the weight loss benefits have been short term and the side affects include nervousness, irritability, dizziness, headache, insomnia, dehydration, irregular heartbeat, and more. If you do find a Weight Loss Product you feel is safe, and want to use it to realize short term weight loss, plan on a short term application. However, if you want to affect long term change, try this: In conjunction with the Weight Loss Product, begin working on some simple mind-set shifting techniques that can affect long-term change in your lifestyle to increase the quality and longevity of your life. Avoid dramatic changes in your lifestyle.

You can't "fix" something on Friday and on Monday everything will be OK. Take it in small, strategic steps. Don't stop eating all the bad stuff and start eating all the good stuff.

Don't walk 3 miles 3 times per week - or a mile - or half-mile. Walk 10 minutes. Go 5 minutes one way - turn around & come back. Eat 3 small stalks of celery, 3 small carrots, drink 2 glasses of water with each breakfast meal, lunch meal and dinner.

Toss some small pieces of fruit into that process. In summary create a chart including all the small things you're going to start doing. Choose your balanced approach and keep yourself on track by reviewing regularly.

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