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What Is The Best Acne Treatment

When it comes to treating your acne the first thing you will need to do before any thing else is bring the condition under control. Once this has been done then you can start to use an acne treatment, if you do not then you may cause further acne to appear. However, because there are some many different products for treating this skin complaint actually find the best acne treatment for your particular problem can prove to be somewhat problematic. It is important however that when using any of these treatments that you understand that they will not provide a cure to your problem overnight. In some cases, you may find that it takes weeks, months or even years before the condition is truly cured and brought under control. In addition, you may find that you need to try several different ones before you find one that works for you, because the effectiveness of each one varies from one person to the next.

Now let us take a look at the kinds of acne treatments that you may want to consider using. If you take your time and research each one as much as possible you could end up saving yourself not only money but a lot of heartache as well. 1. Proactiv - Of all the various different treatments now available, this is one of the most popular. But because it contains three different treatments (a cleanser, a toner and a lotion) these need to be used together to be truly effective.

All three of the treatments that this product consists of contain Benzoyl Peroxide, which has been found to be extremely effective at treating all forms of acne. One advantage that it has over the other two treatments in this article is that it does not need to be prescribed to you by your doctor and can be brought over the counter or online. 2.

Accutane - This is another very effective way for treating acne, however in order to use this you will need to obtain a prescription from your doctor. Also, because this is an oral treatment rather than a topical (like many of the others) you need to stick to the dosage recommended by your doctor. If not then it could end up causing some unwanted side effects. 3.

Retin-A - This is another medication that can only be got through prescription but has been proved to be successful at not just treating acne but also acne scarring as well. However, there are some products that can be purchased over the counter, which contain this but they are certainly not as strong as the prescription brand. As well as the treatments that you can purchase or which can be prescribed by your doctor, there are several others that you can try.

These alternative forms of acne treatment are often just as effective but are less likely to cause side effects, because many are made using only natural ingredients. However if you want to save yourself money and would prefer to not buy one of the acne treatments that we have mentioned above. You could instead, make your own remedies at home. Again, a quick search of the internet and there are plenty of homemade remedies that you may want to consider trying instead.

About the author: Richard May writes articles for a number of websites including acne online who provide advice and tips on acne remedies. He has also written about what the best acne treatment is at this website.

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